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West Virginia Genealogy Crash Course OnDemand Webinar

By Sunny Jane Morton

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  • You’re just beginning to research your West Virginia roots
  • You’ve met a brick wall in your Mountain State genealogy and are in need of some expert advice
  • You’re curious how the history of Appalachia affects your genealogy research

Just like the state’s landscape, West Virginia genealogy is full of peaks and valleys. Though one of the earliest inhabited territories of the Union, West Virginia didn't become a state until 1863. Before that time, it was the northwest corner of one of the 13 original Colonies: Virginia. Join presenter Sunny Jane Morton for a breakdown of key strategies for revealing your Mountain State roots—and discover plentiful genealogical resources to mine. This webinar comes with two free downloads: a copy of our West Virginia State Guide and our Appalachian Genealogy Guide.


  • Essential West Virginia history, from pre-Revolutionary War territorial disputes to Civil War secession
  • How to find and use key West Virginia records 
  • Tricks for tracing American Indian, English, German, Scots-Irish and other ethnic ancestors in West Virginia
  • Specific tips for finding information on your Appalachian ancestors 

PLUS: Get help with your West Virginia genealogy dilemmas! All attendees have the opportunity to submit questions before the event and again during the webinar in a live Q&A session.

Sunny Jane Morton is a writer and family historian who loves helping people tell their family stories. She has a degree in History, with concentrated studies in American history. Sunny has researched ancestors from the coal-mining regions of West Virginia and Pennsylvania, which she has called on for past articles on Appalachian genealogy for Family Tree Magazine.

SKU U5116
Author/Speaker/Editor Sunny Jane Morton
File Type MP4
Runtime 1 hour

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