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Ultimate Polish Genealogy Collection

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You’ll love this if:

  • You want to know what general resources are available for researching Polish genealogy
  • You’ve traced your ancestry back toPolandbut don’t know what to do next
  • You’ve hit a brick wall researching your Polish roots from theUSand need guidance to continue your research (without taking an expensive research trip)

From Prussiato Old Austria to the Russian Empire, throughout its history Polandhas been sliced and diced like a kielbasa sausage. Border changes, ethnic conflict and a consonant-heavy language barrier are only a few of the many obstacles faced by those researching their Polish ancestry. But despite the heavy destruction Poland faced in World War II, numerous resources exist today to dig up your Eastern European roots. The tools in this Ultimate Polish Genealogy Collection will help you plot your family from Poland to post-immigration life in the US.

The Ultimate Polish Genealogy Collection includes:

Family Tree Magazine Polish Genealogy Guide Digital Download

Family Tree Magazine Polish Genealogy Guide Digital Download
Digital Download

Get an overview of the resources, pitfalls and recommended information you need to tackle your Polish roots research. This guide includes:

  • An introduction to the area's history, migration patterns and genealogical records
  • Strategies for researching without having to travel toPoland
  • Important genealogical terms, naming customs and techniques to overcome language barriers
  • Essential Web sites, books and other tools recommended by our editors and experts
  • Key libraries, archives and organizations. Learn where to write or visit to get the records you need.
  • Full-color maps: See political divisions, major ports and population centers in your ancestral homeland

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Online Resources for Polish Genealogy Research video class

Online Resources for Polish Genealogy Research video class
Digital Download

Researching your roots back to the home country doesn't necessarily require an expensive research trip. Discover the top websites for Polish genealogy that are available to explore anytime, anywhere. This video class highlights searchable databases, geography tools and more.
RETAIL: $29.99

Tracing Your Polish Roots independent study course

Tracing Your Polish Roots independent study course
Digital Download

It’s understandable if you’ve hit a brick wall in your Polish roots research. Poland's history is as turbulent as a pot of boiling pierogi, with border changes, ethnic strife and an ongoing quest for autonomy. Such circumstances can create problems for genealogists conducting Polish research.  This self-paced on-demand course will help you find your Polish ancestors by decoding foreign records, pointing out common pitfalls and wading through the effects of history.


  • The history of Polish immigration—and what it means for your research
  • What records to search for in North America and inPoland
  • What resources exist overseas for genealogists

RETAIL: $99.99

Polish Roots

Polish Roots

This pioneering work on Polish family history dives deep into research issues so you can succeed in your genealogical research. Mrs. Chorzempa begins with an examination of Polish-American resources, touching first on records kept by the Polish-American family, and then on the standard records employed in genealogical research, such as census and naturalization records, ships' passenger lists, vital records of birth, marriage and death, records of fraternal societies, newspapers, church records, and military records. She treats each of these record groups in the context of Polish-American research, setting a framework for her discussion of the records held by the LDS Church in Salt Lake City. She also provides a breakdown of libraries and archives with Polish genealogical materials and a comprehensive list of Polish genealogical societies.
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International Genealogy Passport CD

International Genealogy Passport CD

Your roots may extend beyond the Polish borders, so this CD will give you the resources you need to trace them in Poland as well as in other neighboring countries. With listings of websites, how-to books and repositories for nearly every country around the world, plus research tips and maps, it puts the tools you need to discover your overseas ancestors right at your fingertips.
RETAIL: $14.99

Bonus! This kit includes a coupon for 25% off a future online course at Family Tree University – helping you further your research back to the homeland, or improve your research skills.

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