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Ultimate Digitize Your Family History Collection

Format: Collection

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You love this if:

  • You’ve inherited family photos and documents – and need organizing and preservation guidance
  •  You’re an intermediate genealogist with boxes of research and documents that need digitizing to protect and preserve them
  • You want to save money by restoring and digitizing your historical items yourself

Protecting your delicate photos and genealogy documents is an integral part of the genealogy research process. This month’s Ultimate Collection brings together the latest and best advice on how to digitally preserve your research. You’ll also learn how to repair and restore photos and documents yourself – which will save you money in the long run by not having to use expensive restoration services.

With this kit, you'll get:

  • Tips on how to use digital photography to record today’s memories – and preserve yesterday’s
  • Step-by-step instructions on restoring worn, torn, or moldy photographs
  • Advice on which family keepsakes to keep and restore, and which ones to pass on
  • Practical guidance on how to digitize your items now that you know what – and how – to restore them

This Ultimate Digitize Your Family History Collection includes:

Digital Photography Essentials Independent study (Download)

Digital Photography Essentials Independent study (Download)
Photography is an essential tool for genealogists—not only for capturing family memories now, but also for preserving old documents and heirlooms. This self-paced course will help you master the basics of using digital cameras, photo editing software and scanners in your genealogy work.
RETAIL: $99.99

Amateur Photo Restoration video class

Amateur Photo Restoration video class
Do you have worn, torn or moldy photos that need restoring and editing? Learn the basics with this video class! You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with free online tools and a few easy photo editing tricks.
RETAIL: $29.99

How to Archive Family Keepsakes

How to Archive Family Keepsakes
Includes three heirloom-identification stickers from to record the stories of your family’s cherished keepsakes.

Organizing, sorting, and protecting inherited family photos, documents and memorabilia can be overwhelming. How do you begin to determine the value of these items? What is the best way to properly store them so they last for years to come? How to Archive Family Keepsakes answers these important questions and more.
RETAIL: $24.99

Digitize Your Family History ondemand webinar

Digitize Your Family History ondemand webinar

Denise Levenick, the author of How Archive Family Keepsakes, has been writing about organizing, preserving, and sharing family treasures at her blog The Family Curator since 2008. In this video class, she shares her expertise on how to digitize genealogy documents. You’ll learn:

•Tips for creating digital copies of photos and documents

•How to deal with fragile and oversized items, as well as objects you can’t scan

•How to archive digital copies for your own research purposes and to save for posterity

•Key terms and helpful websites for future research
RETAIL: $39.99

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