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Ultimate Czech & Slovak Genealogy Collection

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You’ll love this if:

  • You've reached a brick wall with your Czech and Slovak roots research and need further guidance on how to proceed
  • You want to learn about some of the best websites for digging into your Czech and Slovak genealogy
  • You've researched your family back toCzechoslovakiabut are unsure on how to proceed from there

Let's review the difficulties facing family researchers with Czech and Slovak roots. Formerly a piece of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,Czechoslovakia declared sovereignty in 1918, was under Nazi occupation from 1939 to 1945, and peacefully dissolved into the Czech Republicand Slovakiain 1993. As you can imagine, such constant change was rough on records, and that's just over the course of a single century! Whether you're stuck on a surname, border change or tough translation, the Ultimate Czech & Slovak Genealogy Collection will help you unearth your Eastern European roots.

The Ultimate Czech & Slovak Genealogy Collection includes

Family Tree Magazine Czech and Slovak Genealogy Guide

Family Tree Magazine Czech and Slovak Genealogy Guide
Digital Download

The genealogical tips and tools in the Czech and Slovak Genealogy Guide provide a solid foundation for your further research. This enhanced PDF lets you quickly click through to recommended Web sites, instantly search text and print out pages for reference.

This guide includes:

  • Overviews of the area's history, migration patterns and genealogical records
  • Strategies for researching in your ancestral homeland without having to travel there
  • Important genealogical terms, naming customs and techniques to overcome language barriers
  • Essential Web sites, books and other tools recommended by our editors and experts
  • Key libraries, archives and organizations. Learn where to write or visit to get the records you need.
  • Full-color maps: See political divisions, major ports and population centers in your ancestral homeland

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Discovering Your Czech and Slovak Roots independent study course

Discovering Your Czech and Slovak Roots independent study course
Digital Download

Genealogists with roots in the CzechRepublicor Slovakiaoften stumble across the same obstacles in their research. Do changing borders, surname problems or language translation issues sound familiar? Discover the tools and tips for tracing those elusive ancestors from Czechoslovakiaand the Austro-Hungarian Empire in this self-paced course.

What you'll learn:

  • How to locate immigration and emigration documents
  • Key Slovak and Czech history, including the significance of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Czech and Slovak surname and given name patterns that will help you trace your family
  • How to locate your ancestral village
  • Records and strategies for finding your ancestors in the old country

RETAIL: $99.99

Finding Your East European Village video class

Finding Your East European Village video class
Digital Download

Church records and other locally kept documents are important resources for tracing your Eastern European roots, and to know how to use them, you need to know exactly where your clan lived. Discover tools and techniques to pinpoint your ancestral town in theCzechRepublic, or inHungary,Poland,Slovakiaand other areas of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

What you'll learn:

  • The best records to search for the name of the ancestral/town village
  • How to utilize maps, gazetteers, and atlases and finding aids to identify places
  • The top pitfalls and obstacles and how to work around them

RETAIL: $29.99

Czech-English/English-Czech Dictionary and Phrasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebooks)

Czech-English/English-Czech Dictionary and Phrasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebooks)

Essential words and grammar to help you decipher records and websites in Czech, plus a two-way dictionary to help you with the basics when you decide to travel to do research in the homeland.
RETAIL: $13.95

International Genealogy Passport CD

International Genealogy Passport CD

Your roots may extend beyond the Polish borders, so this CD will give you the resources you need to trace them in Poland as well as in other neighboring countries. With listings of websites, how-to books and repositories for nearly every country around the world, plus research tips and maps, it puts the tools you need to discover your overseas ancestors right at your fingertips.
RETAIL: $14.99

Bonus! This kit includes a coupon for 25% off a future online course at Family Tree University – helping you further your research back to the homeland, or improve your research skills.

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