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Scandinavian Genealogy Value Pack

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You’ll love this value pack if:

  • You’re just starting to explore your Swedish, Danish or Norwegian roots
  • You want to go deeper into your Scandinavian roots research and need more guidance about available records, resources, and patronymics.

When taking the first steps to explore your Scandinavian roots, you’ll need to start with the basics: the history and geography of Scandinavian countries (and how they will affect your research plans); understanding patronymics and genealogical language; and finding overseas records. This value pack includes the resources you need to begin your search for your Northern European roots.

Start with the essentials of tracing your Scandinavian roots:

Scandinavian Genealogy 101 Independent Study Course

Scandinavian Genealogy 101 Independent Study Course

You know you have Scandinavian branches on your family tree – but what’s the first step you should take to trace them? This course will teach you the essentials so you can be primed for success, including: the history and geography of Scandinavian countries (and how they will affect your research plans); how the Scandinavian patronymic naming system works; basic language tips, and how to find records from “across the pond”.
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Scandinavian Genealogy Handbook

Scandinavian Genealogy Handbook

Follow your origins to the icy ends of the earth with Family Tree Magazine experts'’ strategies for tracking your Swedish, Norse and Danish ancestors. This handbook, specially created for this value pack, will teach you:
  • Tricks for sorting out Swedish roots in seven easy steps
  • Key tips for decrypting your Viking ancestry
  • How to find clues in your ancestor's names
  • Navigating Scandinavian records websites including the Swedish National Archives
  • Methods for digging into your Danish family tree
  • How to find ancestors in neighboing Findland

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Your Swedish Roots

Your Swedish Roots

This book will guide you in researching your Swedish ancestors in three easy steps. First, it presents an overview of general information about Sweden, Swedish naming practices, and the Swedish language, which will help you research names of ancestors and search through Swedish records with greater ease. Next, you’ll learn what Swedish records are available, where to find them, and how to use them, paying particular attention to mining Swedish church records, since they are well preserved. Finally, follow sample cases on particular Swedish families to learn helpful research steps for your own family history.
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Understanding Scandinavian Patronyms and Farm Names video class

Understanding Scandinavian Patronyms and Farm Names video class

Do you have any Lars Olesens in your family tree? Or were they Ole Larsens? The naming traditions in Norway, Sweden and other Nordic countries can be confusing, but understanding them will help you link up generations in your family tree.

This video class will give you:

  • An explanation of patronyms and farm names
  • How those naming conventions are used in the Nordic countries ofDenmark,
  • Norway,SwedenandIceland, plusFinland
  • What research techniques are effective

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