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Reverse Genealogy Value Pack

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You’ll love this if:

  • You’ve hit a brick wall in researching your ancestors in the traditional manner
  • You want to broaden your search and track down living relatives

Sometimes the key to extending your family tree further back in time is tracing your family forward into the present: "reverse genealogy." By researching other descendants of your ancestors, you can uncover new information that breaks down your brick walls, and maybe even meet some distant cousins you never knew about!

This value pack will teach you strategies to broaden your research to your ancestors' descendants, and track down living relatives who likely have information about your family tree—including tips for reaching out to those long-lost cousins.

With the Reverse Genealogy Value Pack, you get:

Research Strategies: Reverse Genealogy

This quick article is a great starting point to find out how the experts successfully use reverse genealogy techniques to improve their genealogy search.

Retail: $4.00

Reverse Genealogy independent study course download

Learn step-by-step details on how to jump-start your genealogy by throwing your research into reverse. This course teaches you tactics to extend your family tree backward by researching forward, including:.

  • The keys to reverse genealogy
  • Reverse genealogy research strategies for dead-end ancestors
  • How to apply private-investigator practices to finding your ancestors
  • Strategies for finding living relatives
  • How to apply these principles to everyday research situations

Retail: $99.99

They're Alive! Finding Living Relatives on-demand webinar

In this hour-long video, Thomas MacEntee shares his secrets for finding your long-lost relatives— essential contacts when trying to trace your family tree in reverse. You’ll learn:

  • Why finding living relatives is important to your research success
  • How to use the internet to find long-lost relatives
  • What records you can expect to find for free (and which you'll have to pay for)
  • Unlikely sources for finding lost cousins
  • How to make sure you've found the right person

Retail: $39.99

Step by Step Guide: Safely Sharing Data Online download

Once you’ve made contact with living relatives and start sharing details about your ancestors, the question of whether to share your information in the online world will likely arise. This downloadable guide by Rick Crume gives you eight essential tips for safely including information about living relatives in your genealogy projects.

Retail: $4.00

SKU U4189
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