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Polish Genealogy Value Pack

Format: Collection

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  • You’ve traced your ancestry back to Poland but need help with next steps
  • You’ve hit a brick wall with your Polish roots in the United States and need guidance to continue your research
  • You want to know what resources are available for researching Polish genealogy

Don't let the challenges of Polish genealogy stall your ancestor search! In this value pack, you'll get the resources you need to overcome the complications of border changes, foreign languages, naming traditions and other particulars of researching ancestors in Poland. Following the how-to guidance in the Polish Genealogy Value Pack, you'll be able to plot your family history from the first immigrants to the United States back to earlier generations in the old country.   


  • Top websites and databases for Polish genealogy
  • What records to search for in North America and in Poland
  • How to connect with the Polish genealogy community and reach out to long, lost relatives in the old country
  • Which major historical events in Polish history may have affected the lives of your ancestors
  • How to determine the original Polish name of your migrant ancestors by looking at old records such as passenger lists and books of Polish surnames
  • Quick tips for tracing your ancestral hometown
  • Keys to hunt down records in Polish churches and archives
  • Tricks for navigating the complicated Polish language

The Polish Genealogy Value Pack includes:

Tracing Your Polish Roots (Independent Study Course)

Tracing Your Polish Roots (Independent Study Course)
Digital Download

Poland's history is as turbulent as a pot of boiling pierogi: border changes, ethnic strife and an ongoing quest for autonomy-all of which complicate your Polish family history research. This course will help you find your Polish ancestors by decoding foreign records, pointing out common pitfalls and explaining the effects of history on your research.
RETAIL: $99.99

Online Resources for Polish Genealogy (Video Class)

Online Resources for Polish Genealogy (Video Class)
Digital Download

Discover the top websites for Polish genealogy. This class highlights searchable databases, geography tools, searchable databases for Polish records and utilities to pinpoint your ancestral village. You'll also learn the historical circumstances that may have instigated their emigration.
RETAIL: $29.99

Polish Genealogy Guide (Family Tree Magazine Article)

Polish Genealogy Guide (Family Tree Magazine Article)
Digital Download

Follow these five steps to leap over the hurdles of tracing your Polish roots. This 8-page guide will introduce you to essential Polish history, immigration patterns, tips for researching old-country records and more, with a timeline and toolkit of helpful resources.
RETAIL: $4.00

SKU U6347-U1093-Z5786-BUNDLE
Format Collection

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