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Organize Your Family History Value Pack

Format: Hardcover

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  • You have oodles of information but don't know how to keep it organized
  • You want to make your research process more efficient and effective by keeping things in order
  • You're in need of new organization strategies to apply to your everyday life

With so many genealogy resources at your fingertips thanks to online records, archives and databases, accumulating family research is fast and easy. Maybe too fast and easy. Before you know it, you have more files and folders than you know what to do with. The real struggle is trying to keep it all in order, and that's where the "Organize Your Family History Value Pack" comes in handy. What good are all those records if you can't find what you're looking for? Use these tools to create a file-friendly, clean, relaxed atmosphere that will help you make the most of your research.


  • Methods for filing paper records and printouts
  • Ways to cut computer clutter and organize digital photos, documents and e-mail
  • Tips to make tough organization jobs manageable

The Organize Your Family History Value Packincludes:

Organize Your Genealogy: Family Tree University Independent Study Course (Download)

A successful genealogist often ends up with an embarrassment of riches: too much information in too many places. Whether you work on paper or do everything online, getting your research organized is essential to keeping track of ancestors and making sure you know where to put new ones in your family tree. This course will rescue you from unhelpful habits and get your workspace (virtual or physical) tidy again.
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Organization Made Easy: 5 Simple Ways to Get Your Family History in Order OnDemand Webinar

Presented by, Allison Stacy, Publisher & Editorial Director of Family Tree Magazine

Are you struggling to tame the piles of paper, mountains of memorabilia and deluge of data generated by your family history research? Achieve your New Year's resolution to get organized with the tips, tricks and tried-and-true solutions presented in this hour-long online workshop.

What you'll learn:

  • Methods for filing paper records and printouts
  • Ways to cut computer clutter and organize digital photos, documents and e-mail
  • Tips to make tough organization jobs manageable

RETAIL: $39.99


Organize Your Genealogy Life! CD

This CD has Family Tree Magazine's best advice and tools for getting your research in order and keeping it that way - making you a more-efficient genealogist. This space-saving, PC-and Mac-compatible CD lets you click right to recommended Web sites, search the entire text and print pages for reference.
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Organize Now!

CLUTTER HAS A COST. It steals your storage space, robs your time and energy, and takes away the peace and beauty of your home. Don't pay for it another minute—get organized, now!

This updated and expanded edition of the bestselling Organize Now features even more quick, effective organizing ideas. Easy-to-follow checklists show you how to organize any part of your life in less than one week. You spend more time organizing and less time reading—a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle! Long-term goals help keep the clutter away for the months and years to follow, so you can maintain the order you create.

You'll find help with everything from time management and routines to mental clutter, paperwork, pets, purses, toys, rooms and life events such as moving, and celebrating the holidays.

Special money saving tips show you how to use your organizing efforts to cut costs around the house and even make a little money.

Don't let piles of paperwork, overflowing closets and overbooked schedules drain your resources and energy anymore. Take control with Organize Now!
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SKU W7192
Format Hardcover

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