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New England Genealogy Value Pack

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  • You need help tracing your Colonial ancestors
  • You’re not sure where to begin your New England family research
  • You’ve hit a brick wall in your early-American genealogy and want information on some new and unique resources

From the early 1600s to the mid-1800s, New England was the epicenter of the New World. From Britain to Ireland to Germany and beyond, immigrants flocked to America's shores with dreams of finding prosperity and a promise of liberty for all. Bureaucracy at this time period makes for a number of unique and interesting record sets that can provide clues and context to the lives of your Colonial ancestors. Forge forward in your family research with this comprehensive value pack!


  • Historical background, from the Plymouth Colony to Witchcraft to The Great Awakening.
  • Tips for finding information on your Colonial ancestors
  • Types, details and where to find Colonial records
  • Maps and timelines for quick reference
  • State-specific information for each of the New England territories
  • And much more!

The New England Genealogy Value Pack includes:

Online Census Secrets: Best Websites and Strategies to Find Your Ancestors OnDemand Webinar

Massachusetts Genealogy Crash Course on-demand webinar
Digital Download

Presented by Grace Dobush

Few states match Massachusetts' wealth of records. Whether your ancestors were Mayflower pilgrims or came through one of Massachusetts' bustling ports in the 19th century, you'll learn techniques and tricks for finding them and the records they left behind in this on-demand webinar.

RETAIL: $39.99

Connecticut Genealogy Crash Course on-demand webinar

Connecticut Genealogy Crash Course on-demand webinar
Digital Download

Presented by D. Joshua Taylor

Whether your ancestor was a New Haven native, a dock worker in Bridgeport or of the Hartford upper crust, many genealogists can trace their Native American, Dutch, English, Italian and Irish roots back to this New England state. In the Connecticut Genealogy Crash Course, presenter D. Joshua Taylor has all the answers to your Constitution State questions.

RETAIL: $49.99

Vermont Research Guide Digital Download

State Guides for Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
Digital Downloads

Wherever your US ancestors lived in New England, these State Research Guides will help you trace them with genealogy tips and tools.

In each of the 6 State Research Guides included, you'll get:

  • How-To Article: An overview of the state’s history and important records, with expert advice on tracking your family there
  • Fast Facts: At-a-glance information about the state and its genealogical records
  • Key Libraries, Archives and Organizations: Where to go to get the records you need
  • Best Research Resources: Essential websites, books and other genealogy tools
  • Top Historic Destinations: Best destinations for learning about your ancestors’ lives and times
  • Timeline: A quick look at key events in the state’s history
  • County Map: An easy way to put your research in geographical context

RETAIL: $18.00

Researching Your Colonial New England Ancestors

Researching Your Colonial New England Ancestors

Discover the New World while tracing your colonial ancestors with the help of this comprehensive book by Patricia Law Hatcher. Early America holds a number of unique research obstacles for genealogists, all of which is explained and explored here. Learn about how the history of the period affected your ancestors' lives, as well as the records they left behind.

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