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Military Research Value Pack

Format: Collection

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You’ll love this value pack if:

  • You want to honor your military ancestors by researching and documenting their service
  • You’re looking to prove military service in your genealogy, starting from the Revolutionary War through World War II
  • You need help tracking down records that will tell you about your relatives involved in US conflicts

Do you want to celebrate your ancestors who served in the military or lived through historical conflicts, by exploring and documenting their lives? With the Military Research Value Pack, you’ll get easy-to-use tools that will help you find and mine a plethora of records, helping you round out your research, and even break through brick walls surrounding your ancestors who served. You’ll find that many types of military documents – from service to pension to land records – can reveal important information about your family tree, including soldiers’ widows and children. Even ancestors who didn't serve might have left behind draft records. 

This value pack will guide you through:

  • What records to look for – military or otherwise – and how to locate them
  • How to find and mine records online, and how to know what information is useful in furthering your genealogy research
  • Research tips and guidance for tracing ancestors’ involvement in specific US wars and conflicts

With the Military Research Value Pack, you get:

US Military Records FTU Independent Study course           

With so many military conflicts throughoutAmerica's history, it's likely your ancestors were involved. Mining the records of major conflicts can be a confusing and time-consuming task. But this independent study course will teach you what to look for and how to locate the records of your military forebears.

Retail: $99.99   

Online Military Records on-demand webinar

Answers about your ancestors’ military service are likely just a few clicks away! This ondemand webinar demonstrates how to dig up documents from the Revolutionary War through World War II online, and includes a companion PDF guide to online military records for quick reference.


  • How to track ancestors through draft registrations, even if they never served in the military
  • Best websites for Revolutionary War service records, land bounties and DAR records
  • How to find Civil War ancestors’ units and download service records
  • Where to search Civil War and other pension records
  • How to unlock the secrets in World War I draft registrations
  • Websites whre you can identify veterans’ burial sites
  • Tricks to navigate

Retail: $39.99   

Military Research Guide CD

Tracing your ancestors' military service doesn’t have be an uphill battle: This CD will guide you through finding and using records generated by major US wars, plus it will help you track your research progress and, ultimately, honor the military heroes in your family tree.

On the disc, you’ll find a compendium of the best military genealogy guides from Family Tree Magazine. It's easy to access articles of interest using the menu of contents by subject and war – or search the entire CD by keyword.

Retail: $19.99

War of 1812 Guide                             

America’s “second war of independence” – the War of 1812 – was fought by sons and grandsons of the men who battled the British only three decades earlier. Discover how to navigate the sometimes-tricky paper trail left by War of 1812 ancestors with guidance from David Lambert, a military genealogy expert and chief genealogist at the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

Retail: $4.00                 

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