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Life In Civil War America: Chapter 13 Download

By Michael O. Varhola

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Life in Civil War America: Arms, Equipment, and Uniforms

Discover what life was like for your Civil War ancestors! Author and historian Michael O. Varhola takes you back in time to the 1860s, examining the social and economic realities of daily life in both the Union and Confederacy, for soldiers and civilians.

The Arms, Equipment, and Uniforms digital download describes supplies servicemen used, including:

  • nomenclatures
  • small arms
  • melee weapons
  • heavy weapons and ammunitions
  • infantry weapons and equipment
  • cavalry weapons and equipment
  • artillery weapons and equipment
  • Navy weapons and equipment
  • Marine Corps weapons and equipment
  • Revenue Cutter Service Weapons and equipment
  • other items
  • uniforms
  • rank and insignia
  • flags
  • looting
  • glossary of terminology

Use the fascinating information in this PDF download to put your research in historical context and understand your forebears' lives.

SKU W2402
Author/Speaker/Editor Michael O. Varhola
File Type PDF
Format Download

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