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Life in Civil War America Digital Download

By Michael O. Varhola

Format: eBook

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Bring Civil War History to Life

Author and historian Michael O. Varhola takes you back to Civil War, illuminating both the sweeping changes and cultural norms that shaped the everyday lives of soldiers and civilians during the war that divided the nation.

Inside you'll find:

  • A look at the social and economic realities of daily life in the Union and Confederacy, from big cities and small towns to plantations and communes
  • An explanation of military life in the army and navy, from rankings and regiments to duties and dress
  • The typical diets of soldiers and civilians, including period recipes, food preparation, and the impact of shortages and inflation on rations
  • Definitions of common terms, slang, and idioms of the era
  • Dozens of Civil War photographs and illustrations plus an appendix on the role photography played during the war by Maureen A. Taylor
  • A quick-reference timeline detailing the events of the war
  • Tips for researching ancestors who fought in the Civil War
  • Information on Civil War resources books, periodicals, websites and historic sites
  • A foreword by Civil War author and historian Eric J. Wittenberg
  • Discover what it was like to sit around the campfire cooking hellfire stew and "throwing the papers" with fellow soldiers. Or trade coffee for tobacco with the enemy under a truce signal during the siege of Petersburg. On the home front, pass the time and find some distraction from war worries at a starvation party, where the only refreshment served was water. Experience life in Civil War America today.

    About the Author
    Michael O. Varhola is an author, editor, publisher, and lecturer. He is the author of Ghosthunting Maryland, Ghosthunting Virginia and Fire and Ice: The Korean War, 1950 – 1953. He co-authored Armchair Reader: Civil War; The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference; and D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy, June 6, 1944.

    An eight-year veteran of the U.S. Army, he served as an infantryman with the 1st Infantry Division (Forward) in Stuttgart, Germany, during the Cold War and as part of a Civil Affairs team attached to the 3rd Armored Division during the First Gulf War.

    SKU Y1796
    Additional Feature 100 black & white illustrations
    Author/Speaker/Editor Michael O. Varhola
    File/Trim Size 9.125 x 7
    File Type PDF
    Format eBook
    ISBN 13 9781440310874

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