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Internet Privacy Independent Study Course

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  • You’re concerned about maintaining your privacy on genealogy and social media websites
  • You want to know who is viewing your information online
  • You want to secure your accounts and online activity

We’ve all heard the horror stories: bank accounts hacked, email broken into, or Facebook users who posted pictures of themselves out of town, only to return home to find they'd been robbed. Protecting privacy online is becoming increasingly difficult as we become more and more connected through the Internet. The privacy precautions you take now can impact your safety later. There are many common sense steps you can take to protect your online identity and reduce the chance you’ll be the next target for a scammer, hacker or identity thief. Learn how to build up your defenses in this Independent Study Course.


  • How much information on you is line, from public records to social media
  • Who's watching you online
  • How to set up secure online accounts, such as email and banking 
  • Online searching privacy
  • Online family tree website privacy tips
  • Guidelines for posting info on living relatives
  • Best tools to manage your internet privacy
SKU T1020
Format Download

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