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Hungarian Genealogy 101

Independent Study Course

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  • You have ancestors from Eastern Europe—particularly from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire (which controlled Slovakia, Croatia and parts of Romania, at the time many Eastern Europeans immigrated to America)
  • You have Hungarian roots and are planning to "cross the pond" and begin overseas research 
  • You’re a member of a Hungarian church or heritage club and wish to learn more about your Hungarian heritage

Complex geographical boundaries, strange languages, and surname and place name changes are only a taste of the obstacles faced by those researching genealogy in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. We’ll help trace your Magyar ancestors by sorting out issues with names and places, explaining history, and directing you to useful records both at home and abroad. Genealogists with ancestry in areas formerly ruled by Hungary—such as Croatia, Slovakia and Romania—also will learn about history, records and resources that can factor into their research. 


  • A history of Hungarian immigration—and what it means for your research
  • What records to search for in North America and in Hungary
  • How to locate and research records in Hungary
  • Tips and resources for identifying your Hungarian ancestors' birthplace or town of origin
  • Strategies for overcoming research obstacles


  • This course assumes you understand the basics principles of genealogy and have done some investigation into your family history. If you are a total beginner, take the Discover Your Family Tree course before enrolling in this class.
  • You will get the most out of this course if you already know which specific ancestors or generation of your family came from Hungary or Austria-Hungary. For those who haven't yet discovered this part of their family history, we recommend taking the Immigration Master Class first to help you identify your immigrant ancestors.
SKU U6349
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