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Genealogist's Google Earth Premium Collection

Format: Collection

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  • you want to learn to use the free program Google Earth to plot your ancestor's lives
  • you want to learn about the advanced features of Googl e Earth, such as overlaying historical maps and locating original land surveys
  • you want to use Google Earth to help you with brick wall problems, such as identifying where old photos were taken

Geography and genealogy go hand in hand. It's impossible to locate records or follow family lines without understanding land formations, boundaries, jurisdictions and distances. In your ancestor searches, you'll find that geography influenced key decisions, such as where records were created and stored, migration paths, locations of settlement and division of farms and property in probate. And because land doesn't move, it's one of the few elements of our ancestors' lives that we can always count on. Even in old photos, though the depicted buildings may have changed, the surrounding landmarks—hills, valleys, rock formations—should still exist today and can aid in identification. With the free online program Google Earth, you can follow your forebears across the planet from the comfort of your personal computer. Let the Genealogist's Google Earth Premium Collection show you how.


  • How to save, share and organize information in Google Earth
  • How to overlay historical maps
  • How to plot your ancestor's homestead
  • How to locate original land surveys
  • How to create a virtual "family history tour" to share with others
  • How to identify where old photos were taken

The Genealogist’s Google Earth Premium Collection includes:

Tutorial: Using Google Earth

Tutorial: Using Google Earth

Use this step-by-step manual plucked from the pages of Family Tree Magazine to get started with Google Earth and learn about its vast catalog of features and capabilities, before diving into the before digging into the nuts and bolts of how to plot your ancestors’ lives.


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Google Earth for Genealogy DVD Series Bundle

Google Earth for Genealogy DVD Series Bundle

Google Earth has the power to geographically bring to life the stories of your ancestors. It's one of the most exciting online genealogical tools available, and best of all, the Google Earth program is free. With this two DVD set, learn how to identify where old photos were taken, plot ancestors' homesteads, pinpoint your ancestor's property, and even create a virtual family history tour.

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Google Earth for Genealogists Independent Study Course

Google Earth for Genealogists Independent Study Course
Digital Download

Most of us will never get to travel to all the places our ancestors lived, but fortunately for you, it’s still possible to follow in their footsteps— virtually. Google Earth, a free software program, lets you experience faraway locations from the comfort of your own home. With the Google Earth for Genealogists Independent Study Course, you'll tap into the program's robust features to bring depth and a new perspective to your family history research. View your ancestral homeland, overlay historical maps, input photos to tell your ancestor’s story and more.

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SKU T4574-W8642-W7691-BUNDLE
Format Collection

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