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Genealogist's Essential Scanning Kit

Format: Collection

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You'll love this value pack if:

  • You have piles of photos and documents waiting to be digitized, but don't know where to start
  • You have some scanning experience, but want to learn more advanced tricks such as photograph restoration
  • You're a seasoned scanner but want to learn specifics on how this cool tool can be used for genealogy

You already know it: Piles of pictures and papers just aren't a suitable way to store your genealogy. In the digital age, those precious photos and doted-upon documents can avoid natural deterioration and be protected for posterity if you scan them. Take the time to treat your heirlooms right with the tips and tools presented in this product trio.

With this kit, you'll learn:

  • Skills to become a savvy scanner, from establishing a workflow to organizing your images
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your photos and documents for scanning
  • Advice on which documents deserve digitizing
  • Insight into improving your overall digital efficiency

The Genealogist's Essential Scanning Kit includes:

Scanning Secrets video class

Scanning Secrets video class

Have heaps of heirlooms you want to preserve digitally? In this half-hour video course, study strategies for scanning your family ephemera, from forming an effective scanning station to careful cropping and more.
RETAIL: $29.99

Digitize Your Genealogy Documents video class

Digitize Your Genealogy Documents video class

Ensure that your genealogy document and photo scans are of the highest possible quality for archival purposes. Discover how to separate pictures or papers from old albums, prep them for scanning and secure your settings in this half-hour video class.
RETAIL: $29.99

Top 10 Scanning Tips for Genealogy

Top 10 Scanning Tips for Genealogy

Drowning in family documents? Submerged in stacks of photographs? Don’t let the prospect of digitizing these dear artifacts overwhelm you. These 10 tactics—straight from the minds of scanning experts—will stir you to start those genealogy digitization projects sitting in your office.
RETAIL: $4.00

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