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A Genealogist’s Guide to Ethnic Names

A Reference for First Names from Around the World

By Connie Ellefson

Format: eBook

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You’ll love this if:

  • You have multi-ethnic ancestry 
  • You want to learn naming patterns and traditions that could affect your search for ethnic ancestors
  • You want to understand the spellings and meaning of ethnic names 

Genealogists understand the value of a name and all the information names can provide. Now you can learn more about the ethnic names in your family tree with this comprehensive guide. More than 10,000 names from 50 different ethnicities are organized by the country or region. Naming patterns and traditions are explained and explored for each ethnicity. 

Discover the meaning of more than 10,000 names from around the world including:

  • African names
  • British names
  • Chinese names
  • Eastern European names
  • French names
  • Gaelic names
  • German names
  • Greek names
  • Hawaiian names
  • Hebrew names
  • Irish names
  • Indian names
  • Italian names
  • Japanese names
  • Native American names
  • Russian names
  • Scandinavian names
  • Spanish names

You’ll also find: 

  • Emigration patterns of each ethnicity
  • A pronunciation guides for each ethnicity  
  • Information about ethnic organizations 
  • Naming trends in the United States based on census data

SKU U5628
Author/Speaker/Editor Connie Ellefson
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440331176

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