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Digital Issue: Family Tree Magazine October 2006

By Family Tree Magazine

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18 Adventures in Genetic Genealogy What can you really learn about your family history from a few cheek cells? We sent a professional genealogist on a quest to discover the truth behind the developing science of DNA. By Maureen A. Taylor

26 Keep It Reel
Take action today so you—and your descendants—can always enjoy your family's audio and video memories. By Fern Glazer
Plus: An award-winning documentary filmmaker shares his secrets for capturing memories now.

33 State Research Guides
Trace your ancestors across the USA! This issue's special pullout section features how-to articles and resource sheets for:

  • Texas
  • Rhode Island
  • Stash these guides in your research binder or tote them to the library—and quickly find the essential facts, resources and advice you need to trace your family tree anywhere in the country.

    42 Good Sports
    Hit a genealogy home run with our guide to researching athletic ancestors. By Nick D'Alto

    48 Swede Success
    With our seven winning strategies for tracing Swedish roots, you're sure to achieve family tree triumphs. By David A. Fryxell

    Columns and Departments
    5 Out on a Limb
    Membership has one less privilege.
    By Allison Stacy

    6 Making Connections
    Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

    10 Branching Out
    What's new in discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history, including:

  • Special report: graveyard neglect
  • 411 for databases
  • Wisconsin vitalrecords online
  • Less at-home access to HeritageQuest Online.

  • By Diane Haddad

    14 Living History
    Sizzling summer heritage events, including: Riding into Iowa history … Feeding cultural consciousness in Wisconsin… Flagging West Virginia's Civil War past. By Amy Gorin

    56 Preserving Memories
    Cedar chest safety, tips for antique tomes and more ways to save and share your family's past. By Anne Wilbur

    58 Everything's Relative
    Tales from the lighter side of family history.

    62 Now What?
    Mulling over Masons and immigrant names: Our experts conquer your quandaries.

    64 Photo Detective
    A primer on class portraits. By Maureen A. Taylor

    66 The Toolkit
    Perplexed by the plethora of Web sites with British civil-registration indexes? Read our head-to-head comparison. Plus:

  • Hispanic roots Web roundup
  • Virus antidotes
  • GEDCOM guidance
  • Books for junior genealogists.

  • Edited by Dana Schmidt

    72 Time Capsule
    The father of Riverdance gets a kick out of his roots. By Michael Flatley

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