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Family Tree Magazine Map Collection CD

Format: CD

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You’ll love this if …
•    You’re looking for US and international reference maps to help with your genealogy research
•    You want genealogically helpful maps sized conveniently to print for your workspace or research binder
•    You’ve found maps published in Family Tree Magazine useful and would like to have the complete collection
•    You enjoy historical maps

Researching your family history also involves researching the places your ancestors lived—for which there’s no more important tool than maps. This CD contains a complete collection of the genealogy reference maps published by Family Tree Magazine, plus beautiful historical cartography that will appeal to any genealogy or history buff.

The CD is optimized for viewing on a computer, and it's easy to print off maps as you need them, because each map is saved as a separate file. It also features a full-screen access menu, which makes it easier to browse individual maps.

CD includes:

US State Maps
Full-color reference maps of every state showing modern county boundaries and major cities

US City Maps
Beautiful historical bird’s-eye-view renderings of 31 American cities
•    Atlanta
•    Baltimore
•    Boston
•    Buffalo
•    Charleston, SC
•    Chicago
•    Cincinnati
•    Cleveland
•    Detroit
•    Fort Wayne, Ind.
•    Houston
•    Kansas City
•    Los Angeles
•    Louisville, Ky.
•    Milwaukee
•    Minneapolis
•    Nashville
•    New Haven, Conn.
•    New Orleans
•    New York (Brooklyn)
•    Newark, NJ
•    Philadelphia
•    Pittsburgh
•    Portland, Ore.
•    Providence, RI
•    Richmond, Va.
•    Salt Lake City
•    San Francisco
•    St. Louis
•    Washington, DC
•    Wilmington, Del.

International Maps
Full-color reference maps of the following ancestral countries and regions, showing modern and/or historical borders, plus major administrative divisions
•    Austria and Switzerland
•    Belgium and the Netherlands
•    British Isles
•    Canada
•    Czech Republic and Slovakia
•    Denmark
•    Eastern Europe
•    England
•    Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
•    Finland
•    France
•    Germany and German Empire
•    Greece
•    Hungary
•    Ireland
•    Italy
•    Latin America
•    Mexico
•    Norway
•    Poland
•    Russian Empire
•    Scotland
•    Spain and Portugal
•    Sweden
•    Ukraine
•    United States
•    Wales

Research Maps
Additional geographic aids for your genealogy
•    US Migration Routes
•    US Territorial Expansion
•    US Frontier, 1870
•    US Appalachian Region
•    Midwestern US, 1830
•    Western US, 1860s
•    Southwestern US
•    District of Columbia
•    Puerto Rico
•    Origins of American Indian Tribes
•    Origins of Indian Tribes Removed to Oklahoma
•    US Indian Territory
•    US Immigration by Ethnic Group
•    Spanish, Portuguese and Basque Immigration
•    Top European Emigration Ports
•    Ethnic German Settlements

Historical Maps
Notable and display-worthy maps from various eras, hand-picked by Family Tree Magazine staff
•    British and French North America, 1755
•    French and Indian War, New England and Canada
•    Lewis and Clark’s Westward Route
•    United States, 1816
•    Civil War: First Battle of Fort Wagner
•    Tennessee Geological Map
•    Pacific Railroads, 1883
•    Washington, DC, Sanborn Map
•    Central America, 1903
•    WWII Germany: Allied Forces’ Positions June 12, 1945

Bonus How-To Guide
Nine maps every genealogist needs: An overview of how to find and use nine key types of maps in your research, plus:
•    A roundup of mapping websites
•    Eight important clues to look for in maps

Each map on this CD is sized to a letter-size page for easy viewing and printing. Wherever your ancestors lived, this CD is a must-have reference for every family historian!

SKU U8540
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