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Family History Starter Kit

Format: Collection

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  • You're new to genealogy and family history research
  • You're a genealogy “dabbler” who needs additional direction in order to advance your research
  •   You want a refresher course on core family history research principles
  •    You want to offer guidance to a friend or relative who's just getting started

Whatever sparked your interest in genealogy, whether it was looking through old family photo albums or hearing stories of princes and pioneers in the family line, it's clear you've caught "the family tree bug." But maybe you're not sure how to get started. Or maybe you've been fascinated with family stories since childhood, but your few attempts at research resulted in running headfirst into a brick wall.

Today is a fresh start. We'll show you new (and proven) methods of easily climbing your family tree, with resources from Family Tree Magazine. This Family History Starter Kit will teach you the basics of getting started in genealogy, with some simple steps to ensure your success. Let's get started!


  • How to begin to research your family history
  • How to fill out a family tree chart
  • How to record and organize information
  • Where to find information to extend your family tree
  • How to search online and in repositories
  • How to preserve and archive family stories
  •   And much more!

The Family History Starter Kit includes:

Family History Detective (eBook)

Family History Detective (eBook)

How do you unravel the mysteries of your family history? This all-ages guide makes genealogy fun and exciting. You'll find answers to all your family history questions using the simple, achievable steps found inside.

Here's a sneak peek at a few of the helpful tips and information you'll find in this book:

  • How you know information is as important as what you know. From the beginning, keep track of the sources of your information—you'll be glad you did later, when you need to consult a source again or explain how you know someone is your ancestor.
  • You'll have much greater success with your family history if you focus your research on linking one generation at at time, thoroughly documenting relationships.
  • The best place to start looking for clues about your family history is in your own home and the stories your family members told.  

RETAIL: $16.99

Discover Your Roots (Bookazine Download)

Discover Your Roots (Bookazine Download)
Digital Download

Get step-by-step guidance for getting started in family history research with this dense publication. Use it to brush up on essential genealogy sources and research techniques, with 15 articles from all of your favorite Family Tree Magazine authors.
RETAIL: $12.99

My Life & Times

My Life & Times

Record the stories of your life-or a loved one's-in this keepsake that will be cherished for generations to come! Fill in pages with help from thought provoking prompts to capture favorite memories from childhood to adulthood. Get advice and exercises to help reconstruct memories from long ago, and enjoy interactive pages for family and friends to share their own stories. The unique binder format lets you add, remove or rearrange pages, and the book comes with a bonus CD of printable copies of each fill-in page, ensuring that you never run out of space.
RETAIL: $29.99

1001 Best Genealogy Websites

1001 Best Genealogy Websites

Type "genealogy" into a web search engine and you'll get millions of results. It can be overwhelming! But Family Tree Magazine is here to help. Our online genealogy experts-who use family history websites for a living-have hand-selected the best digital destinations for tracing your roots; categorized them into easy-to-use, cross-referenced sections; and created keyword-searchable descriptions so you can find just the online resources you need. One quick click is all it takes to visit each website. Get started finding your roots online today.
RETAIL: $19.99

Discover Your Roots (Independent Study Course)

Discover Your Roots (Independent Study Course)
Digital Download

When you're a family history newbie, the prospect of diving into your roots research can seem overwhelming. This course, the first in our First Steps series, will start you on the fun and rewarding journey of discovering your roots. Learn how to begin, where to look for information to extend your family tree, what to do with what you find and how to put it all together.
RETAIL: $19.99
SKU W3602-U6771-X9677-W3453-W7840-BUNDLE
Format Collection

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