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Evernote for Genealogists Premium Collection (Windows Version)

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  • you want to organize and centralize your genealogy research with one tool
  • you want to learn more about the free note-taking program Evernote
  • you want to save your family research to the cloud so that its safe from fires and floods, and can be opened on any device

Organizing your genealogy research, whether physical paper files or folders on your computer, is a constant headache for most genealogists. Everyone seems to offer an opinion on methods of keeping things in order: color coding, digitizing document, uploading photos to the cloud. The free online program Evernote is your all-encompassing solution, comprising tools for systemized note-taking, photo scanning, document filing and more, all stored safely on the Internet so that they can be opened on any device. Let the Evernote for Genealogists Premium Collection teach you how to centralize your research with this popular program.


  • how to get started with Evernote on a Windows computer, and what it can do for your research
  • how to organize and label notebooks to prepare the perfect research log
  • how to maximize research efficiency by searching keywords and text in images
  • how to collaborate with ease by sharing your notebooks with friends and family
  • how to make source documentation fast and easy with Evernote's "info" feature
  • how to use the Evernote Web Clipper to pull records and information straight from the browser to your notebook
  • and much more!

The Evernote for Genealogists Premium Collection (Windows Version) includes:

Using Evernote to Make Your Research Life Easier Video Class

If you're struggling under the weight of all of a series of scatter-brained paper piles your genealogy has generated, this video is for you. We'll explore the very basics of Evernote, a free tool designed to help you keep all of your research finds in one organized place. You'll learn what Evernote is, basic terminology, and how it can be used for your research.

Organize Your Research with Evernote OnDemand Webinar

Do you you ever look up from your research to find your desk buried in Post-Its? Do notebooks and folders stacked like leaning towers threaten to topple on your keyboard, or is your computer desktop scattered with word documents, each labeled in such a way that they follow no rhyme or reason? If note organization is an issue for you, then Evernote is the answer. Not only can it assist in basic organization of your research, but you can also search for information by keyword. And no need to worry about losing important information - each note is synced to the Cloud, and can then be re-opened on any device! This hour-long OnDemand webinar will teach you the fundamentals of this popular note-taking program.

Making Evernote Effortless OnDemand Webinar

You know Evernote primarily as a method of taking notes. It allows you to save your genealogy to the cloud and open it on any device, from laptop to tablet to smartphone. However, the software has far more features than initially meet the eye. This special presentation will introduce you to hidden Evernote tools designed to increase your family research productivity. From mastering the web clipper to linking between notebooks, this hour-long webinar by expert Lisa Louse Cooke will be sure to satisfy the mobile genealogist.

Evernote for Windows for Genealogists
Reference Guide

Evernote is the fastest-growing note-taking technology out there, so it is no wonder that it's incredibly popular with genealogists. You'll want to keep this cheat sheet close at hand so that you can take advantage of all of Evernote's powerful capabilities. Genealogy Technology expert Lisa Louise Cooke has designed this genealogy reference guide as an easy-to-use tip sheet, chock full of ways to maximize your research note-taking on a Windows computer.

Tutorial: Note-Taking and Organizing with Evernote

Pulled from the pages of Family Tree Magazine, follow these six steps to using Evernote, a free download that helps you store and organize your web findings. This two-page guide supplements each step with screenshots to illustrate exactly how to energize your genealogy with Evernote.

Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook w/ 3 Months Evernote Premium

Take note organization to the next level with this pocket-sized Moleskine notebook. The grid-style pages are designed for easy transfer from the notebook page into your Evernote app. Simply take a photo of a notebook page with your smartphone or tablet, then open the image in Evernote to convert it into a text note. As a bonus, this Moleskine notebook includes three months of Evernote Premium (a $15 value), giving you more storage, bigger note sizes, smarter searching, and add-on apps such as Skitch with PDF annotation.

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