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Discover Your Roots Summer 2014


This guide is perfect for you if you’re starting your family tree research. It guides you through the types of records to look for, popular genealogy websites, ways to organize and share your discoveries and more.

- Diane Haddad, Family Tree MagazineEditor

Discover Your Roots is an annual guide to getting started in genealogy research. Here, you’ll find articles written by seasoned genealogists sharing how to best research your ancestors, how to make the use of online resources, tips for organizing your research and more. In addition to these, you’ll find a workbook full of forms designed to help you better plan and record your family history research.

Table of Contents:

Putting the Pieces Together

By Emily Anne Croom

Follow these 29 tips to start solving the puzzles of your past.

Get ‘Em Talking

By Sunny Jane Morton

Is there silence where your family stories should be? Try these five techniques for getting reluctant oral history interviewees to open up.


By Sunny Jane Morton

Our four steps will help you nurture a healthy family tree online or in your genealogy software.

Files at Your Fingertips

By Lisa Louise Cooke

Don’t lose your family finds in computer clutter. Use this seven-step solution to organize genealogy files on your hard drive.

Links to Your Lineage

By David A. Fryxell

Discover 73 top websites for starting to reel in your family history records.

Blitz Genealogy

By David A. Fryxell

Learn how to bring on an abundance of fast family tree discoveries – and how to handle records so you can find them again.

Family Tree Harvest

By Rick Crume

Reap the rewards of relatives’ genealogy research in online family tree databases.

Quick Guide to

By Diane Haddad

Use these insider tricks to find you ancestors on the top website for genealogy research.

Quick Guide to

By Sunny Jane Morton

Learn how to discover your family history with the biggest free online genealogy resource.

Relatively Recent

By Sunny Jane Morton

The trail to your family’s past starts with your 20th-century ancestors – and with these six sources for learning more about them.

It’s Legendary

By Daniel Ruby

Use these 12 key principles to separate fact from fiction in your family’s cherished legends.

Local Flavor

By Sunny Jane Morton

Cook up fresh family history discoveries with our menu of six homegrown research ingredients.

Tell It Like It Was

By David A. Fryxell

Yearning to put your family history into writing? Don’t pick up your pen without studying these seven strategies for turning your tale from bland into breathtaking.

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Discover Your Roots Summer 2014
Digital Issue: Discover Your Roots Summer 2014

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