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Discover Your Roots Spring 2012

By Family Tree Magazine

Format: Magazine


Discover Your Roots, a 116-page guide to getting started in genealogy from Family Tree Magazine, is the perfect introduction to doing genealogy.

In the back, you'll find your own "starter kit" of genealogy worksheets, including a a five-generation ancestor chart, a family group sheet, a relationship chart, an oral history recording form, a biographical outline, a research log, and an online account manager.


Matters of Principle
By Lisa A. Alzo
Adhere to these five basic genealogy tenets and watch your family tree blossom.

Getting into Character
By Desmond Walls Allen
Develop these 12 traits to successfully trace your family history.

Oldies but Goodies
By David A. Fryxell
Tune in to these 10 time-tested strategies for busting through genealogy brick walls.

Hidden in Plain Sight
By Maureen A. Taylor
Every mystery picture holds clues to your family history. Learn 10 tips for using old photos to identify ancestors and unlock family stories.

A Simple Plan
By Lisa A. Alzo
Having trouble tracking down your great-grandpa? A research plan is what you need. Here's how to create one in five simple steps.

101 Best Genealogy Websites
By David A. Fryxell
Find your roots online with our guide to the best digital destinations for discovering and sharing family history.

Search Party
By Rick Crume
Customize your online genealogy searches with these tricks—and start celebrating ancestor finds.

Untangled Web
By Nancy Hendrickson
Learn how to use the genealogy search engine to find your ancestors in a web of records.

In a Twitter
By Thomas MacEntee
Feel like a bird brain when it comes to Twitter? We'll get you started using this social network to further your family history search.

The Big 4-0
By David A. Fryxell
The 1940 census opens to the public in April—get the scoop on this huge development for family historians.

A Little Help
Our experts give you a hand hurdling research stumbling blocks in this genealogy Q&A session.

Borrowing Time
By Irene Martin
That family history book you need is in a faraway library? No problem. Get your hands on it with our guide to interlibrary loan.

Naming Names
By David A. Fryxell
Your ancestors' names could be hiding clues to the identities of earlier generations. Find out what cultural heritage can tell you about your family tree, country by country.

Moving Tales
By Lisa A. Alzo and David A. Fryxell
Don't miss the boat on your family's journey to America. Here's how to find your ancestors' immigration records.

Roots in the City
By David A. Fryxell
Our guides help you trace ancestors in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston and New Orleans.

Author/Speaker/Editor Family Tree Magazine
Format Magazine

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