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Discover Your Female Ancestors Value Pack

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  • you want tested strategies for finding females in your family tree
  • you want to know how to find and trace maiden names
  • you want to understand more about the day-to-day life of your female ancestors         

Female ancestors are hard to trace. It's a truth you've heard time and again, verified by your own research struggles. Maiden names go missing. Women seem to vanish into thin air. You're at the end of your rope.
Don't give up hope just yet: There are always new tricks to try and fresh resources to explore. Here in the Discover Your Female Ancestors Value Pack, we've assembled some of our strongest material to help you out, from detailed strategies in the independent study and video courses to quick reference material in the cheat sheet. Don’t miss a moment—find your females now.

  • how to develop a successful research strategy for rooting out women in your family tree
  • how to tease out maiden names in an assortment of records
  • where to look on the web and beyond for details on ancestral women
  • how to find information on females in less traditional sources, such as oral histories, family traditions, diaries, letters and more

Discover Your Female Ancestors Value Pack includes:

Finding Female Ancestors Independent Study Course

Finding Female Ancestors Independent Study Course

Marching down your maternal line is no simple task. From missing maiden names to mystifying marriage records, many soon find themselves stumped in their female genealogy. This independent study course features four full lessons that will take you through what records to reference for maiden name information, lesser-known resources for details on your ancestor's life, and special strategies and case studies for solving your biggest brick walls.


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Secrets to Tracing Female Ancestors video class

Secrets to Tracing Female Ancestors video class

From maiden names mysteries to great-grandmas named “Mrs.”, it's safe to say that female ancestors were not always the most well documented. But sometimes you just need to know the right place to look. In this half-hour video, we'll demonstrate what helpful resources you're missing out on.

RETAIL: $29.99

Female Ancestors Cheat Sheet

Female Ancestors Cheat Sheet
Digital Download

Fact: Your female ancestors are tougher to trace than the men in your family. Their maiden names disappeared with marriage. Their roles in history have been less celebrated and recorded. They led private lives. For the average genealogist, this means fewer records for you to find about the women in your family tree. That's where Family Tree Magazine's Female Ancestors Cheat Sheet comes in. We've gathered our best advice, tips and reference information for researching the women in your family tree, and organized it into easy-to-use, at-a-glance format in this printable five-page PDF. It includes:

  1. Top records for finding women
  2. Best research tips
  3. Essential definitions
  4. Important online and print resources
  5. Women's history facts
  6. Common women's nicknames
  7. … and more

It's all right at your fingertips, wherever you're doing research. Start finding out about Great-great-grandma's life today!

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PieceWork Presents: Patterns from 1862 Peterson Magazine eBook

PieceWork Presents: Patterns from 1862 Peterson Magazine eBook
Digital Download

Gain insight into one aspect of daily life for your 19th-century female ancestors: knitting. This PDF ebook features 12 patterns published in 1862 in Peterson's Magazine, a popular 19th-century women's magazine. Peruse these knitting patterns to see what was fashionable in 1860s America -- and what it took for your foremothers to create those pieces.

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SKU U6350-U4144-U7272-EP6514-BUNDLE
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