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Disaster Preparedness for Genealogists

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  • You want to protect your photos, heirlooms and research from natural disasters such as fire, flood and power loss
  • You need techniques to salvage and restore damaged artifacts, papers and pictures
  • You want tips on preserving your precious items for posterity, such as where and how to store your valuables

Presenter: Denise May Levenick

Duration: 30 minutes

October is National Disaster Preparedness Month. Are You Ready for the Big One?

No matter where you call home, genealogists everywhere worry about the future of their work and their family keepsakes.  If you're lucky enough to live in a place where natural disasters are few and far between, you could still lose your genealogical life to fire, flood, theft or computer failure. But, don't despair. The ship is still afloat.

With a little foresight and minimum expense, you can combine old-fashioned common sense and 21st century technology to help your family history weather any storm.

This webinar will give you practical ideas for protecting your keepsakes and research from fire, flood, and power loss, as well as share techniques for treating photos and documents that have been damaged by smoke or water. 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Strategies to prevent damage and loss
  • Pros and cons of paper and plastic storage options 
  • Where to store your keepsakes
  • How to salvage damaged keepsakes such as water damaged photographs, papers and artifacts
  • How to salvage smoke damaged paper items and artifacts
  • How to salvage soiled and torn items
  • Key computer backup tips
SKU T1372
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