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Using Cluster and Collateral Searches to Beat Brick Walls OnDemand Webinar

By Thomas MacEntee

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What to do when you hit a dreaded brick wall in your genealogy research? Turn to your ancestor’s “FAN club”—that is, the friends, associates and neighbors whose lives intersected with your brick-wall ancestor’s. Researching indirect relations and others in your ancestors’ network can pay off in ways you might not imagine. This one-hour webinar will show you how to defy those dead ends with cluster and collateral search strategies.


  • How to identify the people in your ancestor’s network
  • Good targets for your collateral and cluster searches
  • How searching for collateral relatives can lead you to answers about your ancestor
  • How expanding your search outside the family can pay genealogical dividends
  • Great resources for cluster and collateral searching
  • How to piece together cluster and collateral evidence
  • Key terms and helpful websites


Thomas MacEntee is a popular genealogy lecturer with 15 years of research experience. He created GeneaBloggers, a network of more than 2,000 family history bloggers around the world. Through his business High-Definition Genealogy, Thomas provides consulting services in the genealogy industry covering such areas as market research, education, technology and more.


  • Any family historian stuck on a brick wall ancestor
  • Genealogists looking for new strategies and methods to advance their research
SKU U2511
Author/Speaker/Editor Thomas MacEntee
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