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Managing Your Genealogy Data Video Class

By Thomas MacEntee

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Feel like you spend as much time searching your computer as you do actually searching for ancestors? Learn tips for naming and organizing files and folders—plus, how "metadata" can help you.

What you’ll learn:

  • A review of computer data components (that is, what you’re organizing)
  • Programs and tools for organizing data
  • Ideas for naming your genealogy-related files to make them easier to find and access
  • An explanation of metadata: what it is and how to view or add metadata to a file
  • Computer tips and tricks
  • Best practices for managing data efficiently

Note: Because this class presents techniques and examples specific to Windows computers, it’s best-suited to Windows users.

SKU U1092
Author/Speaker/Editor Thomas MacEntee
File Type MP4, PDF, WMV
Format Download

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