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Digital Issue: Family Tree September 2007

By Family Tree Magazine

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Top of the World Wide Web
Our exclusive annual guide highlights the 101 Best Web Sites for tracing your roots. By David A. Fryxell

See and Save
Want to safeguard your family's memories without having to lock them away? Three experts share the top techniques for preserving paper, photographs and textiles. By Fern Glazer

Tools of the Trade
Set yourself up for genealogical success with these 21 essential family tree-building resources. By Allison Stacy

Standard Issue
Ever wonder how your favorite family history tools came about? Learn the stories behind nine staple research resources. By Maureen A. Taylor

Record Highs (and Lows)
Your degree of ease—or difficulty—in researching European forebears depends on genealogical conditions in their homeland. We forecast the five easiest and trickiest ancestries to trace. By David A. Fryxell
View our online ethnic heritage tips and resources


Branching Out
What's new in discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history: • an Ellis Island saga • a plethora of new genealogy partnerships • behind the scenes at FamilySearch labs. By Diane Haddad

State Research Guides
Trace your roots across the USA! Our pullout guides are perfect for stashing in your research binder or toting to the library—quickly access the essential facts, advice and resources you need to find your family anywhere in the country. In this issue:

  • Washington
  • Indiana

The Toolkit
Reviews and roundups of the latest, greatest family history resources: • all-in-one printers • genealogy podcasting • SnapGenie • the Book Report. Edited by Allison Stacy

Out on a Limb
Group dynamics. By Allison Stacy

Making Connections
Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

History Matters
How steamships changed our ancestors' course. By David A. Fryxell

Everything's Relative
Tales from the lighter side of family history.

Preserving Memories
How to baby your old dolls. By Grace Dobush

Now What?
Our experts answer your questions about destroyed records and census shorthand.

Brick Wall Busters
Getting the story behind an ancestor's guardians. By Maureen A. Taylor

Test your genealogy IQ on Fay Wray's family tree. By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

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