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Cluster and Collateral Research 101

Independent Study Course

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  • You are looking for new and innovative research methods to reveal information about your ancestors
  • You want to apply this outside-the-box research strategy to your genealogy brick wall

There are times in which traditional methods of family research yield nothing but brick wall after brick wall. It's at this point that the genealogy strategy of cluster and collateral research comes into play. 

Based on the core principle that people lived and migrated in packs, this blueprint is designed to track down your ancestors laterally, through the people closest to them that were not direct ancestors. 

Collateral research involves focusing your research on in-direct relatives such as siblings of great-grandparents, distant cousins, etc. Cluster research looks at those who don't share blood but may have lived near each other and migrated together, such as neighbors, in-laws, etc.

In this course, you'll learn tips and tricks for employing this innovative research strategy.

  • How to get started with cluster and collateral research: who to look for, what constitutes a cluster or collateral relation
  • When to use cluster and collateral approaches
  • Which records are best for cluster and collateral research, including census, vital, church, newspapers, land transfers, wills. etc.
  • How to determine the names and relationships between relatives
  • How to organize and employ the information you extract from cluster and collateral research
  • How to find clusters beyond neighbors and coworkers that hold info about your ancestor

This course assumes you understand the basic principles of genealogy and have done some research on your family history. If you’re a complete beginner, you should take our First Steps: Discover Your Family Tree course.

SKU T0164
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