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Cemetery Research Value Pack

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  • You want to use cemetery records to unearth new information about your ancestors
  • You want to learn what genealogy information can be found in these unique records
  • You want to prepare yourself to make a trip to the cemetery

When starting cemetery research, your first impulse may be to hop in the car and go to the cemetery. This only works if you know exactly where your family is buried and it is nearby your home. But perhaps your relatives never told you anything about the cemeteries where ancestors are buried, and never took you there. Or maybe you live many, many miles away. Can finding their place of burial help you with your family history? How will you locate the places where your family is buried, and what will you find when you get there? Dig up answers to these questions and more with the Cemetery Research Value Pack.


  • What a tombstone can tell you about your ancestor
  • How to best prepare for a cemetery trip
  • The best websites for cemetery research
  • What to do when you can't locate the grave you're searching for
  • How to keep track of your cemetery research
  • How to conduct a gravestone rubbing
  • And more!

The Cemetery Research Value Pack includes:

Cemetery Research 101 (Independent Study Course)

Cemetery Research 101 (Independent Study Course)
Digital Download

You know you've been bitten by the genealogy bug when cemeteries cease to be creepy and turn into a place you can spend hours. Cemetery Research 101 will get you excited about exploring the final resting places of your ancestors and give you the knowledge you need to read tombstones, decipher plot maps and keep your research organized.

RETAIL: $99.99

Oldstone Gravestone Rubbing Kit

Oldstone Gravestone Rubbing Kit

OldstoneTM Rubbing Kit contains everything you need to produce beautiful rubbings. The kit includes:

  • A beautifully illustrated 66 page instructional pamphlet
  • A natural bristle brush to clean soot, dirt and lichens from the surface being rubbed
  • 5 large pieces of gravestone rubbing paper
  • One brown cupcake wax
  • One black cupcake wax
  • Masking tape

RETAIL: $24.95

Step-by-Step Guide: Research Cemeteries (Article)

Step-by-Step Guide: Research Cemeteries (Article)
Digital Download

These four questions will make your ancestral grave markers and cemeteries come alive with family history. This article is from the July 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine.
RETAIL: $4.00

Analyzing Ancestral Tombstones (Video Class)

Analyzing Ancestral Tombstones (Video Class)
Digital Download

Learn how to read between the lines and discover the hidden clues in tombstone inscriptions and iconography in this 30-minute video course.
RETAIL: $29.99
SKU W6814-W6535-W7734-T1059-BUNDLE
Format Collection

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