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10 Simple Strategies for Using

By Nancy Hendrickson

Format: OnDemand Webinar

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  • You want to get more out of for your money
  • You feel as if you’ve exhausted your genealogy research on
  • You’re looking for new things to try on

Presenter: Nancy Hendrickson

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $49.99 towers above the competition as the most comprehensive online genealogy tool on the web. Its major content collections include US censuses, vital records, immigration records, military records, newspapers and city directories, not to mention the incredible number of online family trees. With a database this vast, it only makes sense to practice and employ as many simple strategies, quick tips and search hacks as possible to jump-start your family research adventure. In this hour-long presentation, Nancy Hendrickson, author of Discover Your Family History Online, will give your experience an efficiency makeover.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to analyze matches and search results
  • What to make of public and private family trees
  • How to account for spelling variations and index errors
  • How to make the most of DNA research
  • How to supplement your research with old and historical maps
  • And much more!


Nancy Hendrickson, author of numerous non-fiction books, and over 300 magazine and newsletter articles, is a Contributing Editor for Family Tree Magazine and a course developer and instructor at Family Tree University. She is an expert in using the Internet for genealogy research and specializes in connecting family lore with family fact.

Nancy's interest in preserving family history began in childhood, with family stories of wagon trains, Civil War battles, Indians, and prairie fires. Since that time, Nancy has been an avid genealogy researcher, photographic archivist of the frontier west, and family history book consultant.

A professional writer and historical researcher, Nancy helps family tree enthusiasts track down the fascinating tidbits about the times in which their ancestors lived. Find out more at

SKU T2517
Author/Speaker/Editor Nancy Hendrickson
File Type MP4, PDF
Format OnDemand Webinar

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